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RE: Ideas?? Quit in rain. (Clogged injectors)

Maybe I'm dense, but I can't see how the air filter (or even no air
filter) can contribute to a clogged injector.

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    I never bother. I have NEVER found a clogged  injector on a BMW.

Realizing that clogged injectors are rare, I would however like to let
it be 
known that it can happen. For me, it was on my 1100GS with about 50K on
clock. This was determined by the dealer who was able to diagnose the
problem by 
replacing the injectors, and by process of elimination, determining that
injector was clogged. 

The culprit appeared to be a K&N air filter I had been running for 40K
(I switched back to, and have continued to use only OEM air filters in
bikes since then.)

About 10K later, the bike once again started running poorly, in the same

manner previously caused by the clogged injector. Installing a new
throttle cable 
resolved 50% of the problem. To resolve the remaining problem, I ran a
of containers of STP Injector Cleaner (the black bottle) over the next
tanks of gas. Problem solved, to my surprise and relief. (Injectors cost
$200 each.)

I now routinely run a bottle of STP Injector Treatment (the white
between every oil change, pouring in 1/2 bottle per tank beginning about
miles before the scheduled oil change to avoid having this chemical
spend too much 
time in the crank case due to blow-by in the cylinders. I follow this
routine with my cars as well. At less than $2.00 per bottle, I consider
it to be 
cheap insurance.

I understand that a lot of riders follow this same procedure using
Techron Injector Treatment. I'm not qualified to say one brand of
treatment or cleaner is better than another. I can only say that STP
worked for 
me, and therein lies my prejudice. Better Living Through Chemistry.
Gary Prickett
Mission Viejo, CA