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Re: Intermittent hand warmers

In a message dated 1/3/2005 1:55:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, ColoradoGSRider@xxxxxxx writes:

>>My throttle hand warmer frequently will not work; clutch hand warmer works
>fine.  Does not make a difference if it is wet or dry.  Any suggestions on
>where to look for the problem?
Check the grips for continuity and resistance... they should have some resistance, don't know what value. but they should also have continuity...  I would suspect a broken connection in the throttle side first because it has to move where as the clutch side doesn't.

Aerostitch sells some new foil type underlayment for heated grips, I Haven't installed them yet but they look like they will work just like the originals, only about 1/6 the cost of BMW stuff