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Re: R1100GS Master Cylinder

In a message dated 1/8/05 5:34:33 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
roboboxr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<I have been having  reoccurring problems with the front brake lever hanging
up. Upon disassembly  of the front brake lever, and removing the rubber boot
on the master  cylinder, some type of corrosion is found. I've removed the
master cylinder  piston twice and cleaned up the bore. I've cleaned the
piston and seals, and  re-installed using the original components. The
corrosion came back once. I'm  not sure if I just need a new rubber boot to
seal better or should go ahead  and replace the piston and seals as well as
the rubber boot? 

Anyone  experience this type of problem before?>>

I  think you will have trouble getting a rebuild kit for that master 
cylinder. I  know that some are unavailable. 

What kind of brake  fluid are you using? If you are using DOT5, that's your 
trouble. Use Castrol  GT-LMA (Low Moisture Absorbing) DOT 3/4 brake fluid and 
change it annually. This  will eliminate the corrosion problem pretty well.

If  the seals are leaking, the buildup you are seeing is not corrosion per 
se, just  dried up, crystallized brake fluid. The leak is a warning sign to fix 
the  trouble before you lose brake pressure.

Tom Cutter