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RE: Long Way Round

I did not see every one of the shows, but I thought the ones I saw were very
They had some very bad times on the trip and in a part of this old world I
would not care to go.
I would like to see the hold show.

Old age and cunning will triumph over youth and enthusiasm everytime.

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Subject: Long Way Round

The January "BMW ON" mag claims that the TV show, "Long Way Round" is
now on DVD. Hey, the guys did the ride on oilhead GSs, so it's relevent.

As I missed the whole thing on TV, I'm wondering what those who did see the
show think.
Is it worth 6 hours of my time to watch it? Was it interesting? Was it just
a couple of spoiled
actors goofing around? Did it make you dream of going 'round?

Thanks for any opinions.

Reid Ewing