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Re: oilheads-digest V2 #9

I have a '94 RS with first generation ABS which has unlock time too long for my liking.  A few times I had the feeling that it does not let the brakes work at their best.  I wish I had the second generation ABS system.  But I do want ABS.
Bob Silas

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  You won't find a need for ABS right up until the time you make a panic stop 
  and it saves your bacon.  Don't think you're such an expert that you would 
  never skid your tires in any situation.  Some of the foremost riding experts 
  in the world have stated that ABS has saved them major grief.  Now I ride 
  plenty of bikes without ABS but I DO prefer ABS for that little additonal 
  safety factor they afford.  I CAN see why financially I(or others) might not 
  spend $1500 on a $5000 bike to fix them though(just an example-I have a 
  R1100rs and the ABS-knock on wood-works perfectly-others have went to the 
  poorhouse trying to keep them up).  I'm thinking of buying a new F6500GS 
  were the ABS is a bargain.  Only a $500 premium gets you the ABS-which is an 
  extremely lightweight and good working next generation system by all 
  accounts.  I can't imagine not shelling out the $500 for this in that 
  situation.  Plus it'll make it have way better resale value.