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Well I am glad I asked the question about my ABS brakes faulting. We have
not had a discussion like this in a long time.
Everyone has had valid points to make.
I have tried all the suggestions that have been made and none have worked.
So I guess the next thing to do is go see my friendly BMW dealer and hear
the bad news.

Thanks to all that have joined this discussion.


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Well, by the same reasoning, a helmet is only useful in an accident if you
hit your head.


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Robert Jenkins
What I a mtrying to say is, there can be circumstances where one is
involved in an accident and they are not even given a chance to use
their ABS. Getting T-boned is one such example. There was a member of
the Beeg list that was killed when someone blew through a side street
and hit him. He never got a chance to use ABS, He was already in front
of the car. IOW ABS is not the cure all for avoiding all motorcycle
accidents. So I am not going to limit my motorcycle choices based on a
safety device that only gives limited protection.