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Re: Best Statement on this list so far...

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From: "Steve Makohin" <wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 7:34 AM
Subject: Re: Best Statement on this list so far...

> I selected my words carefully

I have no doubt about that <G>

> because I do no imply that every Unconscious Competent will
then become complacent.

Neither did I. And you were replying to my post. It's a direction
you chose to go off on.
Don't involve me in that. <G>

I was suggesting that doing something without thinking about it
is something that anyone can do once they've learned an activity
well enough. It is not reserved for the fighter pilots ie not a
world class level as your post suggested.
We walk while talking and don't think much of walking. I don't
remember mentioning complacency other than in responding to your
later post.

> It is a *risk*, perhaps a high risk in  cases, but it is not a
certainty. One way to mitigate rider complacency is to
> play the "How Will This Situation Try To Kill Me" game every
time you ride,

That's ok, I wasn't referring to that nor going in that
direction. Has nothing strictly speaking with - what- performing
at unconscious competent level is about. That's the direction you
are taking it in. Don't involve me in it.  <G>

> To tie this into the topic at hand, ABS is a great safety net
for those of us
> who have attained a less than perfect score in 100% rider focus
on risk
> mitigation while riding. It's not guaranteed to save your butt
(as the manual
> says), but it goes a long way in helping to prevent wheel
lockup which can
> lead to a skid and subsequent loss of vehicular control.

Again, you're confusing doing something without thinking with a
level of performance. It's not.
However, realizing that you're not as good as you might have
thought ie going from not knowing that you don't know to
realizing that you don't know is a good step.

Montreal, Canada
CBR 929