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Re: Best Statement on this list so far...

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Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2005 10:01 PM
Subject: Re: Best Statement on this list so far...

> I believe you oversimplify by comparing the state of
Unconscious Competence
> attained by a fighter pilot to that attained by some who can
walk and chew
> gum at the same time.


> It like comparing the writings of Shakespeare to
> saying "we all do it" because all of us on this list write
words via email.
> On some level, what you say is true, but it's not what I'm
talking about.

For the nth time:  I know it's not what you're talking about.
That's what I've been suggesting.
You introduced the 4 stages and went on how stage 4 applied to
elite fighter pilots.
It doesn't.

And what you're talking about is not about stage 4. You further
confirm that with each successive post.

It's about something else. So call it something else.

Pure and simple.

If you don't realize that, it;'s because you're still at stage 1
of comprehending the 4 stages.
And don't begin by arguing that it's not true. That's the typical
response at stage 1!  <G>

Stage 4 is not about elite Brake God levels. It's about doing
something without realizing that you're doing it,  plain and
That was the nature of my original response to this. Go back and
read my posts again.

> > Re: panic braking, you can develop that too if you practice
> > regularly.
> Not so quickly, Grasshopper :-)

Grasshopper gets old fast and sounds condescending. Though I know
it's not your intent.

>What I hope you are NOT saying is that if a
> rider practices long and hard enough, they will become a
"Braking God."

As I suspect. Stage 1. How you arrive at that conclusion is a
mystery to me.
Pass me that pipe you're smoking, will ya.

> That would imply that knowledge is attained through practice.

Skill is attained through practice. Some understanding to.

snip. . . . . .

>This shows us that people
> really can't become Brake Gods unless they make a *serious*
investment to
> first learn, and then practice, and even then, many will fall
well short of
> being Brake Gods.

Again, no relevance with stage 4. Other than a Brake God is
obviously past stage 4.

But being a Brake God is not a requirement of stage 4. As I
mentioned in my early post on the subject.

Please go back an re-read them.

snip. . . .
> mentoring (on the giving and receiving side) have shown me that
even though
> skill levels improve, people typically fall short of peak

Again, going off in a direction that has nothing to do with stage
4. Do you realize it??
stage 4 has nothing to with peak performance. Do you want me to
write it in another language? <G>

> That's just human nature. That's why so few of us can hold a
candle to a
> Rossi or a Fogerty.

Nothing to do with stage 4.

> Do a little research on what potentially lies beyond being an
> Competent,

As I mentioned in my early posts, I've used the 4 stages
personally for many years as well as in coaching and instructing
in sports and in professional settings.

What lies beyond stage 4 is not what I was ever referring to in
this thread.
When I talk about an apple, I don't go off describing an orange.
Get with it. . .

Montreal, Canada
CBR 929


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