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R1150R Parabellum and Techlusion questions


I have just recently purchased a 2002 R1150R, and I would like to
receive input from anyone who has experience with either of two
non-related items.  Please feel free to contact me off-list, if these
are subjects that have been discussed ad nauseam.

I am really only interested in feedback regarding these specific

First:  I am interested in possibly installing a Parabellum Super Tour
Shield.  I am 6'00" tall, with a 32" inseam, so I was specifically
considering the 23" "tall" model.  I have read some comments about
increased buffeting, and others about no buffeting at all.  I suppose
the truth lies somewhere in between.  My bike currently has the BMW
Sport Shield.  Can anyone comment as to the difference in wind noise
between that and the Parabellum model.  Are there other issues of
concern with the Super Tour Shield?  Would those of you who have one
buy another one, if necessary?

Second:  A friend of mine with an R11xxGS(?) has strongly suggested
that I install a Techlusion R259, to completely eliminate any trace of
surging.  I experience mild surging with my bike, which has about 3300
miles on it, particularly between 3000-4000 rpm.  The fuel and exhaust
systems are completely stock, and I intend to keep the exhaust system
that way.  My friend also suggests that his bike just "runs better"
throughout the rev range.  Can any of you offer any experienced advice
regarding this product?  What are the costs and benefits?  What effect
does it have on fuel mileage, et cetera?  Again, would those of you who
have this product buy another one, if necessary?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Pete Migli
South Miami, FL
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