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Re: R1150R Parabellum and Techlusion questions

>Second:  A friend of mine with an R11xxGS(?) has strongly suggested
>that I install a Techlusion R259, to completely eliminate any trace of
>surging.  I experience mild surging with my bike, which has about 3300
>miles on it, particularly between 3000-4000 rpm.  The fuel and exhaust
>systems are completely stock, and I intend to keep the exhaust system
>that way.  My friend also suggests that his bike just "runs better"
>throughout the rev range.  Can any of you offer any experienced advice
>regarding this product?  What are the costs and benefits?  What effect
>does it have on fuel mileage, et cetera?  Again, would those of you who
>have this product buy another one, if necessary?
>Thank you for your time and consideration.

It depends on how bad the surging and how much it bothers you.
Mine bothered me as most of my riding is commuting on back roads, in
the "undesirable" RPM range.  I tried every trick in the book, 0=0,
very careful valve adjustments, careful TB sync and nothing worked.
Pulling the CCP seemed to help, but dropped my mileage 5-8 MPG.

I installed a 259 15 months ago.  It has eliminated the surging.  It
has dropped my mileage ~ 5 MPG, but I'll accept that in lieu of the
alternative.  The installation and setup was very simple (in contrast
to what Mr Hadden suggested).  It was plug-n-play and it was already
setup from the factory.  I played with the "surging" setting a bit,
but I'm pretty close to the factory setting.  

It has worked great for me.  YMMV.  It was certainly easier and less
costly than dual-plugging the heads, which is another recommended

Look at:


at the bottom is my "tweaking" log which explains what I did

Wayne Woodruff
Chalfont, PA
2000 BMW R1100R (2ZARS)
1956 Matchless G11 (J86)