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Re:R1150R Techlusion questions

Peter Migli wrote:


>Second:  A friend of mine with an R11xxGS(?) has strongly suggested
>that I install a Techlusion R259, to completely eliminate any trace of
>surging.  I experience mild surging with my bike, which has about 3300
>miles on it, particularly between 3000-4000 rpm.  The fuel and exhaust
>systems are completely stock, and I intend to keep the exhaust system
>that way.  My friend also suggests that his bike just "runs better"
>throughout the rev range.  Can any of you offer any experienced advice
>regarding this product?  What are the costs and benefits?  What effect
>does it have on fuel mileage, et cetera?  Again, would those of you who
>have this product buy another one, if necessary?

Bob Hadden opined:

>Peter,  Regarding you second item.  I know, and the list has known
>several people trying the techlusion unit.  Reports vary from major
>improvement to no effect.  Some say that mileage goes way down, others
>don't.  My take on this is that the installation and adjustment of the
>unit are critical to good performance.  Further, you don't need this
>devise to make your bike run well.  See the IBMWR site for lots of info
>on proper tuning, zero=zero, and so on.  I have great luck with
>careful tuning and pulling the cat code plug on my RS bike.  Still got
>mid 40's mileage to boot.  If you find a lot of soot in the tail pipe,
>you know the bike isn't set up properly.

I probably couldn't disagree more with Bob's assessment.  That 
doesn't mean I'm right and he's wrong, I just don't agree.  *Nothing* 
eliminated the surge on my RS.  It got better, but it never went 
away, not with valve adjustment, zero=zero, plug change, nothing.  I 
scored the Techlusion unit from a buyer who never installed it, and 
short of some skinned knuckles, the installation wasn't bad.  With no 
fine tuning of the Techlusion unit, the bike pulls stronger at all 
RPMs, and there is no perceptible surging.  The only problem I have 
is that the transition from off throttle is a bit abrupt, but once I 
get off my a** and fine tune it with a digital meter, I'm sure that 
will go away.  Mileage remains in the mid 40s in normal use, upper 
30s if I'm misbehaving, but I think that will improve with fine 
tuning as well.

YMMV, but of all the mods I've made on this bike, that would probably 
be the last one I gave up.
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