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ABS system for sale

Been lurking thruout the ABS/Brake Gods fray. Some (you know who you are) may
appreciate my self-restraint in not joining it.

Like Bob Minor, I replaced my ABS with braided lines. I consider it the single
best thing I've done with the bike.

No need to restart the thread, please! This isn't more religious debate, it's
just a sales pitch.

Some people think ABS is a must-have. If you are one and your original unit
went south, I have a controller, toothed wheels, plumbing, and sensors from my
'93 R11RS. Will sell for way less than $1500. No need to pay for anything but
shipping until you get it installed and working.

John Dancoe
Plexus Systems
248.249.1545 cell
248.393.1799 fax