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RE: oilheads-digest V2 #21

> Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 13:56:55 -0600
> From: "Tom Brown" <tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Parabellum
> Pete:
> <snip>

 My first alternative screen was an 
> Aeroflow.  It was the 
> older thin kind.   This screen was great and I used it for 4 
> years and about 
> 60K miles then traded it in with my old bike.  It still 
> worked great after 
> all those miles.


> I do some winter survival riding, going on long trips around 
> Thanksgiving 
> from Chicago and coming back in early December.   Sometimes, 
> it get's very 
> cold.  I went out on a recent sunny Saturday...dry roads and 10F 
> temps....not for sissies!   The +2" width was not keeping my arms and 
> shoulder protected.   This is no problem in weather that sane 
> people ride 
> in, but in extreme cold, I needed more.   I bought another 
> screen just like 
> the above "Type 3, but with +4" in width.   It does a good 
> job keeping me 
> warm, but is more prone to buffeting and never is really quiet.
> - -TB
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> End of oilheads-digest V2 #21
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I have an Aeroflow like Tom described that I install for "winter" here in SoCal: on at Thanksgiving, off around the end of February. I haven't used it in the same conditions that he mentioned, but it is great for long rides in cold, fog and rain, but it is too hot for me the rest of the year. Given you are in Florida, I'd be cautious about this screen. I use a stock screen for the other season.

Just another opinion


Bob Covey
Thousand Oaks CA
'96 R1100RT