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Re: R11RS Windshield

I don't have any experience with the Dolphin windscreen, but I thought  
I remembered seeing an ad for it. I went to Google and put in "dolphin  
r1100rs." Unfortunately, one of the colors for the RS was Dolphin blue,  
so I got too many hits.

Putting "windscreen" in didn't help much because it seems like there  
were many dophin blue RS's out there with windscreens. I went to the  
Google "advanced search" page and put "blue" in the "without the words"  

That did it. I got one hit. Here's the website...

They use frames, so it's hard to point you to the page in context, but  
here is the individual frame with pictures and description of the  
Dolphin for an RS...

I've had good luck with a Wudo windscreen. The screen isn't tall enough  
to route the air over my helmet (I'm 6' and have the seat up all the  
way), but I can set it so the air is above my chin, eliminating most  

My Wudo came from Cascade BMW, but their web page doesn't seem to be  
there. I found the screen over at...

It's another site with frames. Here's the individual page with the  

While looking for that one, I found this page where someone is testing  
windscreens for his RS...

He tried chopping down the original and also tried an AeroFlow and  
Wudo. As he says, the Wudo is a keeper.

Take care.


On Jan 26, 2005, at 6:00 PM, Minor, Bob wrote:

> Maybe the PO belonged to:
> Dolphin Motorcycle Club Sydney AustraliaSydney Based Motorcycle Club  
> for
> Gay Men. Click here to go to www.dmc.org.au.
> www.dmc.org.au/ -
> Anyway that's what Google gave me when I enterd Dolphin Motorcycle.
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> Subject: R11RS Windshield
> I was visiting my local BMW dealer a few days ago and saw a used  
> R1100RS
> with an interesting windshield - more of a bubble design instead of the
> nearly flat stock shield.  It had the word "DOLPHIN" stenciled on the
> lower edge.
> Does anybody know any specifics on this windshield like manufacturer,
> price, effectiveness, etc?
> Thanks.   Gary
> Gary Bechtold
> '94 R1100RS w/ 120k+ miles
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