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Re: Techlusion, CO Pots etc.

In a message dated 1/27/05 8:19:15 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
tnt720@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<> If my memory  serves me correctly, the 'R' has the same intake tubes as
> the RT's and  RS's, so this wouldn't help (the original post was for an
>  R1150R).

You are correct, the R does have the same tubes as the  RS and RT.
That is why you will see a major difference when you switch these  tubes to 
"GS" intake tubes. The GS are longer and slightly different  configuration..>>
This statement is incorrect. The  R1100R uses the same intake tract as the 
R1100GS. They both ALREADY have the  longer tubes. The R does NOT have the same 
tubes as the RS and  RT.

Don't believe me, check the parts CD.

Tom  Cutter