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Re: Kickstand down bike shuts off?

The '94 R1100RS will not start if/when the side stand is down.  I like it for the only reason that I stop the engine by putting down the side stand, then I turn the key off.  It is a great feature against dropping the bike by forgetting about the side stand. Sometimes it's annoying not to be able to have the engine idle while the sidestand is in use, but the previous reason is more important, at least to me.
Bob Silas
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  Don't some of the oilheads also have the functionality such that they
  won't start even in neutral with the sidestand down?  I thought I
  remembered a discussion about the relays (?) and other BMW parts from an
  RT-P that would allow other oilheads to be started in neutral with the
  sidestand down, but would still kill the engine if the bike is put in
  gear with the sidestand down.  Am I remembering this one correctly?

  This link may contain the info of which I speak:



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  > The sidestand switch is a "feature" of  all Oilheads. Despite 
  > the fact that some have given trouble, and others find  them 
  > bothersome for various reasons, they can prevent accidents. 
  > EVERYBODY has  forgotten the stand at some time, and with a 
  > BMW twin, the cylinder blocks the  riders' view of the stand, 
  > so you can't really see it even if you looked. (Yes,  I know 
  > that if you contorts, you can see it, but a downward glance 
  > from the  riding position is blocked.)
  > Tom Cutter