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RE: Kickstand down bike shuts off?

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> Subject: Re: Kickstand down bike shuts off? 
>  > It sounds just like mine.  Yep, kickstand has to be up in 
> order to start.
> FYI: The R1150xx will start with the side stand down in 
> neutral and won't
> die unless the stand is down and the bike is put in gear.   I 
> do not know
> if that mode of operation can be back-ported to the R1100xx.
> // marc

So seems they've changed the sidestand behavior between the R1100's and
the 1150's.  I personally prefer the version that the 1150's apparently
use, but to each his/her own.   I believe the BMW parts mentioned in the
link I forwarded earlier will make the 1100's sidestand behave like the


Here it is again, for any who missed it but were curious.