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Re: Hi-carb diet

I agree with John Dancoe on the Telelever vs. traditional forks.  
Riding my '94 R1100RS or being in a tight curve on uneven road on my '92 K75s is like being 3 "bike-generations" apart.  As long as the road is perfect stability of the "K" is acceptable but cannot be compared with the RS.

My son is teaching mountain biking, also used to do Trial on bicycle.  He rides my K75s on our tours. He is 28 and has the ability to handle something on two wheels and just the other day he was telling me that he loves the K but not in curves on rough roads.  I had the same experience.
Another thing.  Road surface on some bridges is grating.  A bike with traditional fork tends to wonder on such surface, on the RS you hardly feel it.  Same applies to roads which are scraped for resurfacing and we have to run the grooves. 
Bob Silas
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  John Dancoe wrote:
  > (and White Power forks sans Telelever, which I found 
  > puzzling. I've never done anything but rave for the 
  > Telelever--the best feature of the bike).

  The Telelever design is great for the street, but traditional forks are
  preferred by racers for their feedback and dynamic geometry under

  > Is a Mikuni **KIT** available????? I would absolutely 
  > be interested.

  Is there still a homebuilt plane market for the oilhead engine?  I
  remember seeing a web site that described a kit plane that used an R1100
  mill that was converted to carbs.

  Eric Renneisen
  '94 RS
  '88 RT
  '71 R75/5
  Chattanooga, TN