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Re: ADMINISTRIVIA: Attention AOL users

In a message dated 2/2/05 11:12:37 PM Eastern  Standard Time, marc@xxxxxxxxx 
<<One or more AOL users on the  list hit the "this is spam" button when
reading a list message.    DON'T DO THAT.   AOL will block access from
the snafu  domain.   This hurts ALL list members.   It also hurts  other
snafu users that have friends and associates with AOL email  addresses.
It can even effect other users of my ISP.

If you don't like  something on the list, hit delete.   If you don't like
the list in  general unsubscribe.   If you have problems unsubscribing
send me  marc@xxxxxxxxx> (not the list) an email and I'll do it for  you.>

Note to AOL 9.0 users: If you ACCIDENTALLY  hit the "This is SPAM" button, 
all is not lost. You can unsend and amend that  message easily. Just click on 
the words "Recently Deleted Mail" at the bottom  right-hand corner of your 
Mailbox Screen. When the window opens, click on the  heading "Spam" in the 
left-hand menu. When the list appears, and you see the  Oilheads@xxxxxxxxx email, 
highlight it then click the "This is NOT SPAM" button  at the bottom of the 
window. This will alert AOL that you notified them in  error.

Please remember that the list administrators  are doing this for FREE! Their 
time is valuable, and you as a user have a  RESPONSIBILITY.

If I were an admin I would permanently  block anybody who failed to clean up 
after themself.

Tom Cutter