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Re: Hi-carb diet

Yes, I was talking about street riding, and I am sorry that I did not notice the nitty-gritty of what John was saying.  Since I don't know much about racing I cannot comment on reasons why racers not using Telelever.

One thing is sure, Telelever in biking is fairly new and any change takes time.  
Telelever idea is not new, all the old rear drive American cars' front wheels were suspended by  "lower tables" and "upper tables" which actually were "telelevers".  

I don't see how can BMW uphold a patent on the idea.  I understand that the physical form of the telelever and the trade name of "Telelever" can be protected.
I can imagine the same suspension made in a form of a "T", it does not have to be a triangle. 
Bob Silas

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  Bob wrote:
  > I agree with John Dancoe on the Telelever vs. traditional forks.  

  No argument from me, but you're talking about street riding.  John's
  statement was about a race-prepped bike.  My whole point is that
  requirements on the track are completely different, as are the user's
  priorities.  There's a reason why you don't see any race teams running
  with a telelever setup (licensed from BMW, of course).  If it made them
  even slightly faster, you can bet they'd be everywhere.

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