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Re: Spark plug socket

Davis Eichelberger wrote:

> Snap-On spark plug socket No. S9706KA works but is pricey, Lowe's used 
> to sell a Kobalt thin wall socket Model: 25889 that would fit, but I'm 
> not sure they still do.
>Or you could just call your dealer and order 71-11-2-316-193 spark plug

Thanks for the tip.  I have a Lowes about a mile from my house so I'll 
swing by and check it out.  I think you have an extensive website don't 
you?  Covering almost everything you can think of for RTP's  If so I 
appreciate what you have done and I'm sure many others do too!  Have a 
great weekend!

- -- 
Brian Diver
PDQ Signs   Everett, WA