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Re: Spark plug socket

gator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
 > Just my .02 but I think that is the most rediculass thing I can think of.

Hmmm, you might be surprised.   There's a table on page 1404 of Machinery's
Handbook 25 that notes the accuracy of bolt preload methods.  They list:

By feel +/- 35%
Torque Wrench +/- 25%
Turn-of-nut +/- %15%
Preload indicating washer +/- 10%
Strain Guages +/- 1%

 > Might be a good gouge when you don't have a torque wrench, as is the tool
 > kit when you don't have real tools..

If the handbook is to be believed the turn-of-nut method is more accurate
than a typical torque wrench (when both are used by a typical mechanic :-)

// marc