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Re: R1150RA Question No. 1: Gasoline Octane?

In a message dated 2/6/05 5:43:37 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
petemigli@xxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Here's a simple  question:  The owners manual for my '02 R1150RA
recommends using 91(aki)  octane gasoline, but the sticker on the fuel
filler suggests that 89(aki)  gasoline is okay.  Suggestions?  By the
way, the bike is completely  stock.>>

Get a new sticker?  :)

I use 91 in my R1100S and have experienced  detonation using 89. The R1150R 
is a slightly detuned engine, so you may be able  to use the 89 without 
problem. Do you know how to recognize detonation before it  blows the tops off yoru 
pistons? If not, use the 91. If so, use the 89 in cool  weather and go up to 
the 91 in the hottest months. 

Tom Cutter  


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