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John, your bike is all horsed up...


After reading the rest of your diatribe....Don't feel bad I've wasted whole
days writing to this silly mail list too.   It's obvious to me that your bike
is behaving badly.   I think you're on the right track with replacing the TB
bearings and axles.   It won't run right until those are right.    From the
sound of your post, I'd guess you've also been fooling with the TPS setting to
try and fix some of these issues.   You do have to get back to where you once
belonged, jo-jo.

0=0 is a good way to set the TPS.  Be sure and read the procedure carefully
and sleep on it a night before you dive in.    If you do this right and your
TBs are in good nick, I think your bike should run like new, or maybe a little
better.   It's not my experience that these engines get worse with age unless
something like the TBs go bad.

I sort of agree that Bing may not have been the best choice for this TB
assembly.   There is a known issue with these butterfly axels and bearings.  I
didn't know you could replace them without replacing the whole TB.   I know
several people who've just changed out the whole TB.   This obviously more
expensive, but it always works.   You get your new bike back again.

Anyway, good luck with this.   Your bike should start.   Your bike should
idle.   You should be able to get it back to a point that you love riding it
again.    This is doable without reinventing the entire injection and ignition
system.   I'm gonna say again that if this is your street bike that you depend
on and expect to have on the road in a predictable time period and not a
science project, you should stay with stock components.

You sound like a person who does what he wants.

Have fun...remember, that's what these things were made for.

- -TB