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Re: Brakes are breaking me!

An Oilhead, duh! <wink!>
1995 R1100R

Mick <bmwmick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
At 10:25 AM 2/19/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>I've got a real big pain-in-the-ass brake problem. First I was getting a 
>sticky caliper ... or at least that what was going on. So I decided to 
>replace both calipers with extra ones I have from a wreck. I noticed that 
>it seemed BOTH calipers were sticking ... but wait, what is the chance? I 
>also noticed while bleeding the brakes, pulling the brake lever was not 
>shooting brake fluid out the open reservoir. Something isn't right. I 
>buttoned everything up, called it a night and zip tied the brake lever as 
>per some urban myth (?) I read about on the 'net ... something about air 
>being squeezed out. 
>Yesterday I bleed the hell out of the brakes (not at the ABS). Still the 
>lever goes all the way back. Fluid now does go shooting out the open 
>reservoir when the lever is pressed. I'm thinking the brakes need to be 
>bleed at the ABS? Ideas please!!

You REALLY need to give us some help here. I know that YOU are
fully aware of what bike you are working on, but WE are not. : ))