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Re: Brakes are breaking me!

At 12:15 PM 2/19/2005 -0800, Doug Saylor wrote:
>An Oilhead, duh! <wink!>
>1995 R1100R

OK DUH! <wink!>

You ARE aware there are three possible brake systems on the
different Oilheads, right?  Yeh, I thought so. Right!  <wink>

Your '95 has ABS-II
   You probably have a large lump of air somewhere.  Did you fill
the new calipers before you installed them?  The trick is to fill
the new calipers, install them and pump them up as best you can.
Next, you push the pads back all the way slowly (and watch that you
don't overflow the reservoir).  This will usually force all the air back to
the master cylinder reservoir.
   When you say "pulling the brake lever was not shooting brake fluid out 
the open reservoir."
  Are you talking about the little squirt at the relief valve in the MC or down
at the bleed nipple?
   There is also the possibility that your ABS unit is 'toast'.  If your 
ABS pump is
not cycling completely (this happens when regular brake fluid flushes are not
performed) it could be hanging up in the 'blocked' state.  This would 
prevent any
fluid from moving in the ABS pump to caliper section. Any ABS faults?
   You could also have a mis-adjusted MC piston stop. If the piston at the 
MC is
not allowed to move out past the relief port, it can cause the calipers to 
lock as
the heat builds up.


> >Yesterday I bleed the hell out of the brakes (not at the ABS). Still the
> >lever goes all the way back. Fluid now does go shooting out the open
> >reservoir when the lever is pressed. I'm thinking the brakes need to be
> >bleed at the ABS? Ideas please!!
>You REALLY need to give us some help here. I know that YOU are
>fully aware of what bike you are working on, but WE are not. : ))


End of oilheads-digest V2 #41