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Re: Brakes are breaking me!

In a message dated 2/21/05 11:30:30 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
absdoug@xxxxxxxxx writes:
<<I was told the new "power" brakes are not  serviceable by shade-tree 
mechanics, i.e., you need the BMW computer. I assumed  that narrowed things down a 
bit. I'm thinking maybe I got bad  info?

Piston stop is adjusted right.

Still getting the lever to  bottom out. Brakes *seem* to work effectively, 
i.e. ABS is coming on even at  80MPH+. Still the brakes are mush.>>

They are  user-serviceable but need some effort in the way of gathering 
proper tools and  doing the job EXACTLY as outlined at: 
http://users.rcn.com/dehager/ Dana and  Brian really outdid themselves on this one.

If you guys who own the new whizzy brakes save only  one document, this 
should be it.

Tom Cutter


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