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RE: Habits

Great minds think alike....

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"Minor, Bob"  wrote:

>You reminded me of my favorite fantasy bike: a K900RS with 3-cylinders 
>and 12 valves, telelever and paralever and just under 500 pounds.  BMW 
>could build this bike and I swear I'd buy it (and I've never bought a 
>new bike before).  Maybe the fantasy should now include the K1200S 
>front end.

HS!  Are you the reincarnation of my brother?  That's exactly what he 
dreamed BMW would build!!!  He actually bought a spare K75 motor to 
try to figure out how to bore out, then end-mill and cross drill 
whatever he could to drop weight.

Pity BMW ain't listening like they should.  Bigger pity is that they 
still employ David Robb...

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