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AOL spam button, again

Again someone at AOL has hit the "this is spam" button for a list posting.
This time it was for the digest sent out yesterday morning.   One more time
and I'll unsubscribe *all* AOL members from the digest and block access to
the digest from AOL.   Sorry, but that's the way it has to be as AOL
doesn't tell me which member hit the button.

The following is a repost of a message that Tom Cutter sent explaining
what to do when you ACCIDENTALLY  hit the button:

  Note to AOL 9.0 users: If you ACCIDENTALLY  hit the "This is SPAM" button, 
  all is not lost. You can unsend and amend that  message easily. Just click
  on the words "Recently Deleted Mail" at the bottom  right-hand corner of
  your Mailbox Screen. When the window opens, click on the  heading "Spam"
  in the left-hand menu. When the list appears, and you see the
  Oilheads@xxxxxxxxx email, highlight it then click the "This is NOT SPAM"
  button  at the bottom of the window. This will alert AOL that you notified
  them in  error.

// marc