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Re: What limits the rebound? Brake lines.

In a message dated 2/25/05 10:45:58 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
dr.ben@xxxxxxxxx writes:
BTW, with enough exercise,  pain-tolerance, wind-on-your-chest when over 200
mph, video cameras for  rear-looking, and prayer can a healthy old guy get
used to the low bars for  touring?

I move my bars from below the triple clamp to  above all the time. The brake 
line works fine. I have ABS, and I know that makes  a difference. I think you 
can go at least 25 mm above the triple clamp (to the  bottom of the bar 
clamps) before the brake line gets  tight.

Wheel travel is limited by the shock. you can  pull the stanchions right out 
of the sliders, they are not attached at all. I  have accidentally pulled mine 
out before. When I reinstalled it, it trapped a  lot of air and it made the 
seals leak. I bled off the air and cleaned up the oil  and the leak stopped.

Since my S wouldn't get to  200MPH even if I dropped it from a plane (you 
know some idiot is going to post  about terminal velocity now, right?) I don't 
have to worry about  it.

I rode from Pennsylvania to Spokane to LA back to  Pa, about 8000 miles last 
summer. I ain't young or healthy. I have a bad back  and never regretted using 
the S for the trip. I moved the bars some days from  high to low at gas stops 
(it takes five minutes) and eased some aches on the  long days that way.

Tom Cutter