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Head light out?

I rode (99 RT) over to Post Falls Idaho on Friday morning taught a class 
1-5 PM and headed on back to Everett (north of Seattle).  Around 6:30 PM 
it's starting to get dark and I was having trouble seeing the road signs 
and needed gas so I pulled off and I couldn't see anything.  Zipping up 
to the pumps I hopped off and looked at the head light.  The small 
"parking" light was working fine.  The regular low beam was not working, 
the Hi-beam WAS NOT working, the flash to pass Hi-beam WAS working???  
Being 45 miles from the nearest city that had an autoparts store and 
motel I reluctantly got back on the freeway and followed cars & trucks 
to the next town. 

I pulled the headlight bulb and it looked fine.  The parts guy said it 
had a spec of dust or summat on it and it was bad so I purchased a new 
one and installed it.  Same thing!  Only flash to pass worked.  I pulled 
the switch apart as well as I could in the low level of light and it was 
dirty but I couldn't do anything at that time so I put it together and 
found a room.  Looking at the Haynes I see it has no special fuse 
(pulled all last night and they all look fine) and traded the load 
relief relay with the horn relay and still nothing.  Any clues?  I 
haven't gotten into checking any wires but thought I'd ask if anyone 
else has come across this and what their fix was.

- -- 
Brian Diver
PDQ Signs   Everett, WA