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RE: Head light out?

When my RS did this a couple of years ago, I took the switch apart
(amazingly serviceable), cleaned out all the little bits of shaved
plastic, shined up the contacts and added some dielectric grease.  It's
worked perfectly ever since.  

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At 12:40 PM 3/5/2005 -0800, Brian wrote:
>I rode (99 RT) over to Post Falls Idaho on Friday morning taught a 
>1-5 PM and headed on back to Everett (north of Seattle).  Around 6:30
>it's starting to get dark and I was having trouble seeing the road
>and needed gas so I pulled off and I couldn't see anything.  Zipping up
>the pumps I hopped off and looked at the head light.  The small
>light was working fine.  The regular low beam was not working, the
>WAS NOT working, the flash to pass Hi-beam WAS working???
>Being 45 miles from the nearest city that had an autoparts store and
>I reluctantly got back on the freeway and followed cars & trucks to the

>next town.
>I pulled the headlight bulb and it looked fine.  The parts guy said it
>a spec of dust or summat on it and it was bad so I purchased a new one
>installed it.  Same thing!  Only flash to pass worked.  I pulled the 
>switch apart as well as I could in the low level of light and it was
>but I couldn't do anything at that time so I put it together and found
>room.  Looking at the Haynes I see it has no special fuse (pulled all
>night and they all look fine) and traded the load relief relay with the

>horn relay and still nothing.  Any clues?  I haven't gotten into
>any wires but thought I'd ask if anyone else has come across this and
>their fix was.
>Brian Diver
>PDQ Signs   Everett, WA www.pdq-signs.com

   It's probably in the Hi/Lo switch.  When the contacts get dirty they
get hot, when they get hot they sink into the plastic. The Passing
contacts hardly ever get used so they almost always work.
   You 'could' probe pin #7 of the left hand switch gear connector and
check for 12V there.  If it's missing, trace it back to the right hand
switch gear connector pin #4.  Do you have a Euro switch? That makes
things a little different.