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Re: New Bikes

Kevin Kerr wrote:

> I got a chance to view and sit on the new RT and ST at the local dealer. 
> Like most everyone else, I was not sure of the styling looking at the pics 
> and was reserving my judgement until I saw one in the flesh.
> The RT's bodywork was indeed a bunch of panels slapped together. Looked like 
> crystals had grown somehow. Did someone mention Superman's Fortress of 
> Solitude? (Or was it Krypton self-destructing?) I can't see how it can be 
> more aerodynamic than the 1100 or 1150. Would be interesting to know the 
> coefficient of drag for each of these models. I thought that if you could 
> order the bike with all fairing parts painted the same colour, it would make 
> the bike more whole, not pieced together. Would the design prevent me from 
> buying it? Probably not, but it sure wouldn't cause me to buy it. Now the 
> extra ponies and all the other technical goodies, well, that's a different 
> matter.
> The model I sat on had the low seat option, and I could flat foot it. I have 
> a 30" inseam. It felt like I was *in* the bike rather than *on* it. This 
> could be largely be because the tank is higher than on the earlier RT's.
> I thought the ST looked pretty good, with the exception of that headlight. 
> Hideous in my opinion. Looked like some crystal on steroids.

I couldn't agree with you more.

FYI, although I do not have any hard numbers, I do know that the CoD
(Co-efficient of Drag) on a motorcycle is horrendously higher than that
of a typical car. That's because CoD measures a drag *ratio* in which the
frontal area plays a key part, rather than presenting a "total drag" figure.
Comparatively speaking, a motorcycle and rider are akin to a barn door
being pushed through the wind broadside.

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario,