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Re: Synchin TB and now popping?

Tpcutter@xxxxxxx wrote:

>Wrong. There is a tee in the vacuum lines  under the airbox, and if you don't 
>seal it off, the TB's are sucking unmetered  air. 
On the T outlet going to the solinoid which I cut, I put a tight fitting 
machine screw with a zip tie - no air is getting in.

>Your popping problem was caused by the right  throttle cable getting hung up 
>atop the adjuster. This is a very common problem  with owner-serviced 
I've checked both of the cables late last night and they aren't hung up 
anywhere.  I got the gages spot on again and when blipping the throttle, 
the gages move in synch but when moving the throttle very slowly one 
side takes on more vac and the other less for a second or two then they 
stablize and go together.  I finally stuck the throttle about 3K rpm and 
adjusted the cables until the gages were even and when I dropped the 
bike down to normal idle adjusted the big brass screws for fine tuning.  
I'll take it out today for a drive as I think that it's fine now.  
Thanks all for your help,

- -- 
Brian Diver
PDQ Signs   Everett, WA