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RE: Spark plug advice

I'm a firm believer in the $1.29 Autolites, they made an obvious
improvement with regard to surging before I did 0=0.  I just replace
them every year when I do my valve adjustment, so long life is not an
issue.  They look virtually new when I toss 'em.

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Subject: Spark plug advice

A local knowledgeable R1100S owner has recommended using Bosch FR7LDC
which matches NGK BKR6EK.

The NGK plug nomenclature is: 14 mm thread but narrow hex (16 mm),
resistor, coolish, rather long reach into cylinder (19 mm) and 2

My own poor sense is that The Factory wanted a long-lasting plug and so
wanted to experiment with multi-electrodes which have no other benefit
and, as I understand these things, have no or negative consequences for
combustion (Kent, are you there?). Maybe that's why a plain vanilla
Autolite works better.

By contrast, my poor sense is that a fine-wire electrode (which
necessarily means precious metal types) can slightly facilitate
combustion by allowing better flow and swirl around the spark. I suppose
Oilhead dual-plugging helps because of poorish combustion.

Well, now that I have an idea of the geometry, I'm thinking of looking
for the fine-wire Iridium single-electrode, BKR6EIX-8 (that's a
fine-wire Iridium with a .8mm (.032") gap).

Hoping no flame wars ensue, but I'd like to hear reactions. Thanks.