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Re: New Bikes

 > What year did they go to 1150?  2001?

2002 model year, but they started selling them in 2001.   I bought my
2002 R1150RT in May of 2001.

 > What years have the twin spark?  Is it all 1150's?

No, it is not all 1150s.   Not sure of the actual date, but I believe
they went to dual spark with the 2004 model year.

 > What year did they go to the linked brakes and are all linked brakes the
 > servo brakes?

All 1150s have the servo brakes.  I beleve that was a 2002 model year
change (K bikes, too).   All are linked, but there are two types of
linkage.   All bikes apply both brakes when the hand lever is used.
Some bikes apply both brakes when the foot lever is used.  The RT uses
the latter kind of linking, the RS the former.   Don't know if that will
hold with the new R1200RT.

 > And finally, since I know this list has just a few strong opinions, what
 > is the best year of all the RT's?

Does a 1976 R90/6 count :-)   I'd wait for the new R1200 and give them a
try.   Of the bikes I've ridden the 2004 RT with the dual plugs was the
nicest.   Haven't ridden enough of them to know if that is true model wide
or if I just happened to ride one that was set up perfectly.

Now you guys can correct any errors I've made.

// marc