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RE: New Bikes

> Kent Christensen quipped:
> > "GM getting something right"--especially those two dogs--is as funny as
> > the notion of collectable Oilheads.
> My real thought, though, is
> about the collectability of oilheads.  I think Kent has a point.  Thirty
> years ago I bitched about BSA's, but thanks to simple design and an active
> aftermarket, I can still get any part I need for mine easily and relatively
> cheaply.  If I still had my '55 R50, that too would be quite maintainable.
> This morning as I was refitting the silver-colored sparkplug cover on my
> Bumblebee, the thought occurred to me of just how difficult it's likely to
> be to find these plastic bits in 30 years.  And the electronics will be
> simply a lost cause!  I suspect we'll all be asking, "ou sont les Beemers
> d'antan?"  Well, parked in garages, awaiting the unobtainable bits to finish
> the restoration.  It seems somehow unlikely that we'll see many 30-year-old
> RT's humming along bylanes on pleasant Sunday afternoons.

Well, you may be right, of course, but I think that between BMW and the aftermarket, we may indeed see RTs and GSs bombing along decades from now.

At least, I hope so.