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Re: New Bikes

On Mar 16, 2005, at 8:19 PM, Tpcutter@xxxxxxx wrote:
> This is  HYSTERICAL!
> I was a BMW dealer Service Manager from  1972 to 1978. Many other BMW
> -related jobs since.
> When the /2 models were phased out, the complaints were EXACTLY the 
> same "Who
>  will ever want to keep a /5 with those stupid chrome panels on the 
> tank? It
> looks like a damn TOASTER!" And those new-fangled carburetors! What is 
> the
> story  with that? How will they ever last? Nobody will ever be able to 
> fix them
> when  they break!


I think what he was questioning was, will some of the parts for the 
oilheads of K bikes be available in 30 years, especially some of the 
electronic black boxes. Will BMW continue to make electronics that are 
30 years out of date? How long before BMW decides there are not enough 
old guys restoring airheads? Can't you just see the bean counters 
thinking up ways to save money?


04 Yamaha FZ6

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