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Re: Ohlins, Wilbers and Works, Oh my!


A couple more thoughts about all this after reading threads....

1.  For those of you who don't read the manual, the damping adjustment only
works for the last two clockwise turns of the screw.  If you have it out
further than that, it's just free-turning and not changing the shock damping.

2. As to shocks fading after a few hours of use.   This has to do with the
viscosity of the oil.   When you ride for a while, the fluid heats up and gets
thinner.   You'll also find that the damping will be less pronounced in hot
weather than when it's cold out.   Just adjust the damping screw to suit.
This goes for stock shocks and most aftermarket shocks.

3.  The rear Ohlins shocks are gas shocks.  The front are oil-emulsion.   I
think there is oil in both types, however, as I do feel the shock working
harder in cold weather.   I'm looking forward to our BMW club meeting next
month where the local Ohlins repair guy will discuss the workings of their
shocks and will have some torn open examples to look at.

- -TB