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Re: Ohlins, Wilbers and Works, Oh my!

Thanks for your comments.
I do hear a lot of good about Works shocks, although one member on that list had a bad experience with Works on the front. It busted, oil shot out and he barely managed to keep the bike up and avoid a very serious accident. Works repaired the shock as I remember he said.
Bob Silas
  My experience with my 97 RT is that the front shock gradually deteriorated
  until it had lost much of its dampening ability by 15k.  I replaced the front
  shock with a Works, and the back stock shock was o.k. until about 40k, when I
  replaced it with a new Works.  Presently the ride and handling equal or exceed
  my expectations.  So my recommendation is to replace the front shock first.
  When you are dissatisfied with the handling, you can always replace the back.
  But just the front may satisfy you. Why not give it a try?  I have no idea why
  the front shock wears out prematurely, and the rear lasts a reasonable time.

  I have ridden them all, and the Works and the Wilbers are about equal in
  quality.  In my opinion, the Ohlins are fine, as well,  but they are not worth
  the premium price that you pay, unless you count the yuppie factor of having
  the most expensive shocks at the Sunday breakfast meet.  You get the same
  technology and the same quality in the Works or the Wilburs.  And Works and
  Wilburs will build the shock to your specifications.  And they both offer
  expert rebuilding facilities right here in California and New Jersey,
  respectively.  And they both will last a surprisingly long time before a
  rebuild is ever necessary.
  There is a certain amount of subjectivity involved.  Happiness and
  satisfaction are largely a state of mind, determined by the individual.  Do
  you tour, or do you race at Pocono?  Do you ride with squids on Ninjas, or do
  you ride with other mature riders?  Etc.