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RE: R1150R Highway Pegs

I have something similar and I can categorically say that dropping it didn't
really cause a problem with the bolts.  What happened was I was turning left
from a stop sign.  The bike, tires and asphault were still very cold (27F
morning).  I goosed it off the stop, the rear wheel went sliding and the
bike went down on the left side.  Then it bounced over to the right side.  I
couldn't believe I had minor damage on BOTH sides of the bike.  I suspect
the left peg caught and catapulted the bike over on the other side.

I still have the pegs and I live in FL now, so no more 27F mornings.


Hollywood, FL
'99 R1100RT Mr Buzzy
'95 F3 Purple Haze
'00 KLR250 Super Sherpa Tenzing

Peter Migli asked:

I am considering installing a set of Hawks Products highway peg
brackets on my R1150R.

Have any of you experienced any problems with this type of bracket?  In
particular, I am concerned about using the valve cover bolts for
something other than their original intended use.