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R1150R Windscreen Conclusions


A month or two ago I asked you folks for windshield recommendations for
my R1150R.  Several respondents recommended that I consider an Aeroflow
screen, since that company makes various screens specifically designed
for particular BMW models, and they test each design thoroughly before
putting it on the market.  To those respondents I offer a sincere
"thank you".

Living in south Florida, and doing most of my touring in the summer, I
chose the Aeroflow Sport Half-Fairing with the tall screen.  I wanted a
screen that would offer good head protection, with some airflow
reaching my arms and torso.

The screen worked fairly well, but it did not seem to be quite tall
enough for me (6'00", 32 inch inseam).  I called the company to make
certain that I had gotten the tall screen, and ended up speaking with
Paige Ortiz, the owner of the company.  Paige could not possibly have
been easier to deal with, and he did everything possible to make sure
that I was ultimately satisfied with his product.

After everything was worked out, I ended up with the best rider wind
protection that I have ever experienced.  The screen does exactly what
I wanted it to do, providing still air for my head, but allowing some
cooling airflow to my arms and torso.  I can ride the bike at
interstate highway speeds with my faceshield open.  I also got the
optional and removable Aeroflow Tank Wings, for additional torso
protection in the wintertime.

Again, I want to thank those of you who recommended Aeroflow screens to
me.  And to those of you who ride an R1150R, particularly in hot
weather, I highly recommend the Aeroflow Sport Half-Fairing.  Thank you
for your time.

Pete Migli
South Miami, FL, USA


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