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RE: R1150R Windscreen Conclusions

- --- Pete Schinkel <schinkel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does Aeroflow have a website?  Or a phone number to call for
> brochures,
> etc.?  


The Aeroflow URL is http://aeroflowscreens.com/index.htm, and their
phone number is  1-888-237-6777.

Their website is pretty incomplete and disjointed.  Currently it
doesn't seem to display the prices and options for the screens;
however, they are VERY helpful over the phone.  I would suggest calling
them to find out what exactly is available for your bike.  If
necessary, try to talk to Paige Ortiz, the owner.  They also have
fairly informative ads in the BMW Owners News, if you are a member of

I would err on the side of getting a screen that I thought might be too
tall, rather than one that is too short.  Their screens do a great job
of managing the airflow, but you want to make sure that the quiet
envelope is high enough for you.

My bike originally had the BMW sport screen (which I still have), which
allowed clean air to reach my faceshield.  No buffeting at all, but not
much protection either.  Good luck and ride safely.

Pete M.


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