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About to Pull the Trigger

Well, gentlemen, I'm about to pull the trigger on a new, silver/grey R1200RT.
I saw it today fresh out of the crate and I think I can live with the styling
and appointments.   Hoping my dealer will be around in a year or two and
hoping someone there knows how to work on it by then.  Anyway, I'm taking the
plunge, so anyone who wants first crack at my '04 RT better let me know.
Here's the details:

FOR SALE: 2004 Twin-Spark R1150 RT. 22 to 25K (depending on when it's sold).
Deep Blue; Sargent Saddle with M stipes and blue piping;  BarBaks;  Choice of
windscreens; top case w/backrest; one owner-rider; broken in and serviced
meticulously.  This bike runs smooth, shifts perfectly, has had all BMW
lubricants all its life.  Has had synthetic lubricant in trans and gearbox
since 6K and synthetic engine oil since 18K.  It will be handed over with
fresh engine oil and filter, meticulous valve adjustment, throttle synch and
new Metzler Z-6 tires.   It's been stored all it's non-riding life in my
heated and A/C'd garage.  Has remainder of  transferrable factory warranty and
complete service history.  It needs nothing but an enthusiastic rider.   This
is the most comfortable and capable bike I've ever owned.  '05 RT on the way;
$12,000; Tom Brown; 847-909-5701; tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx

Anyone on this list who buys it can get picked up at the Chicago airport of
their choice, get taken to dinner at a truly great local restaurant and great
accomodations.  The bike will be made ready for your trip home.

- -TB