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Give windscreens for R 1150 R

I own an '04 R 1150 R and am unhappy with the extreme wind buffeting 
from the BMW tall windscreen on it, particularly the truly deafening 
noise on my helmet.   Part of the problem stems from the fact that I am 
6' 2" in height and had to purchase the BMW tall saddle to reduce the 
excessive and cramping crouching position I experienced in my legs 
while using the standard-height BMW that comes standard on the R 1150 
R.  So, now I'm sitting roughly 1.5" higher, allowing that same amount 
of extra buffeting over the windscreen.  I've looked at Aeroflow and 
Parabellum windscreens on their websites and like the sportier look of 
the latter.  Just a few minutes ago I also looked at the Givi 
universal-mount windscreens.  There are several of them, and the one 
that appeals to me most is the one that offers the most wind 
protection, their Airstars Universal 650.  Apparently its height is 20" 
and its maximum width is 24".  Compare that to what I have now with the 
BMW tall windscreen with a maximum height of roughly 16" and a maximum 
width of about 17".  I do want to see over the windscreen rather than 
through it and want some air to flow around it when riding in hotter 
temperatures.  But, I also want more protection from wind buffeting 
than I have now.  This Givi Airstars 650 looks reasonably sporty to me, 
but its a universal-mount model.  Am I asking for trouble in purchasing 
a universal-mount windscreen rather than one made specifically for my 
cycle?  Its sold at $139 so the price is very attractive.   However, I 
don't want something that's poorly constructed, I don't want something 
that's unattractive, and I don't want it to fit poorly.  Any opinions 
about this model or any others that would fit the R 1150 R with those 
criteria in mind?  I've read two other postings lately about the 
Aeroflow and Parabellum windscreens, but I'm interested in the opinion 
of other riders as well.

Jim Gordon
Hinsdale, IL