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Re: 02 BMW R1150Ra electrical dilemma

At 01:21 PM 3/31/2005 -0500, Martha Muzzey wrote:
>ferther problems, or so I thought!
>     PROBLEM !!!!!!
>     The foling weekend I noticd that all of the instramentation back lights
>are out. All other lighting systems,turn, horn, high low,  hazard ,batery,
>oil, turn, ABScheck, brake lights function corectly. Fuses are OK......
>     Has anyone had a  similar delema, or can anyone offer advice to repair
>      Electrical responces should be Shocking, but most apreciated.
>       Cozmo in St Pete.

   Have you added ANY electrical goodies to this bike? The instrument
lights are powered by the main wiring harness.