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Re: Battery

At 08:13 AM 4/5/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>I am new to this list and I have a quick question.
>Bike R1150 GS
>How do I get to the battery 1) to check level 2) change battery?
>I have done all the maintenance on my airheads but not on the GS and do 
>not have a manual at this time.  I do know how to get the seat off!
>Albuquerque NM
>2001 R1150 GS
>1983 R80RT
>1981 R80G/S

Whaddya mean your new?  Oh, you mean on the Oilheads list. : ))
After you remove the seat, the battery is serviced by removing the
right side cover, air cleaner cover and the air intake tube. Unscrew
the fuel tank fasteners, raise the rear of the tank and block it up with a
suitable piece of 2X4, disconnect the ground terminal first and then the
positive terminal, slide the battery out. The next replacement battery
should be a Panasonic LC X1220P AGM battery from Digikey. : )