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BMW Motorcycles featured prominently in Cycle World magazine

Hello All,

I apologize on advance if this subject has already been discussed here and
I've missed it.

For those who are interested, Cycle World magazine (Buyer's Guide, "Display
until June 7, 2005" issue) prominently features several BMW motorcycles.
What's even better is that they have lots of positive things to say about
them. Over all, Cycle World's tone is sending signals that BMW Motorrad has
shaken the "slow, heavy, underpowered motorcycles with 'character', made for
eccentric, affluent gentlemen" image.

Presence includes the following:

o Front cover is a backdrop of silver K1200S stretching across the entire
width of the cover, over which other smaller motorcycles are place, the
biggest of which is 1/2 the size of the K.

o Page 19: 1/3 page picture with over 4 column inches attributed to an article
titled "Best Open-Class Streetbike: BMW 1200GS". Included in the text: "All it
takes is one afternoon's ride aboard the GS to convince anyone why this bike
is worthy of the award" and "...but our sights are focused on two other BMWs -
the fully faired K1200S hyperbike and its naked spin-off, the K1200R. This
definitely will be a family feud to remember."

o Page 22: 1/3 page picture with over 5 column inches attributed to an article
titled "Best Touring: BMW K1200LT". Interesting quote: "the BMW K1200LT beat
out the perennial favorite, the Honda Gold Wing, by virtue of what it had that
the Honda did not: standard heated grips and seat, electrically adjustable
windscreen, electro-pneumatic center stand and handling more like that of a
motorcycle than a car."

o Page 26/27: Two page spread on the K1200S titled "BMW K1200S. Bahnstormer!"
The article acknowledges that BMW is now entered the Hayabusa arena of
"Hyperbikes". Interesting quotes include "The Hossack-style Duolever 'fork' is
no less groundbreaking and works superbly, soaking up the bumps better than
any telescopic unit ever dreamed up, particularly under hard braking." Those
are pretty strong words. The article summary is as follows (quoted):
    o Finally, a *real* BMW sportbike!
    o Best front suspension ever?
    o Optional expandable soft luggage
    o D-d driveline lash
    o F-f-fuel injection glitches
    o G-g-gearbox woes
    o Pricey: $15-$18K, depending on options (Steve: in US dollars)
The article acknowledges that these statements are made based on
pre-production samples. That and "All we can say at this point is that should
the K1200S's shortcomings be properly addressed, it will be worth the wait.
Hayabusa riders, better watch your backs..."

o Page 28/29: 3/4 page spread on BMW 1200GS.

o Page 15: A paragraph defines "Touring" bikes and lists 4 examples including
the BMW R1200GS.

o Page 17: A paragraph defines "Sportbikes" and lists 5 examples including the
BMW R1100S.

o Page 64/66 in the Buyer's Guide: Listing of the following BMW motorcycle
models: K1200LT, K1200GT, K1200S, R1200RT/R1200ST (no picture of the ST),
R1200GS/R1150GS Adventure (no picture of the Adventure), R1150RT,
R1150R/R1150R Rockster (no picture of Rockster), R1100S/R1100S Boxer Cup
Replika (no picture of Replika), F650CS, F650GS/F650GS Dakar (no picture of

o Page 6/7: Two page BMW ad for K1200S

If you like reading about BMW bikes in the media, this issue of Cycle World is
well worth getting. Pleasant reading.

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada


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