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Re: Need advice on 97 R11RT

"dcoburn" writes:
 > this.  I'm in the process of setting my valves and want to check the
 > torque on the head nuts while there.  The manuals I look at seem to have

If the heads aren't leaking, leave them alone.   If they are leaking
a re-torque might help.   The retorque procedure was mentioned on this
list about 2 weeks ago...

 1) Unfasten *one* nut
 2) Tighten nut to 20 Nm
 3) Tighten nut an additional 180 degrees
 4) repeat for other nuts in a crosswize pattern.
 5) Unfasten/retighten M 10 screw to 40 Nm

That's from the BMW service manual.   Others on this list prefer to
torque to fixed value.

// marc