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RE: BMW in Cycle World...

I agree with you about torque, and a good spread of it, being far more
useful than hypothetical (in real life) "power" figures.  It is so nice to
be able to get on with riding, cornering, accelerating etc with the revs
"idling" between ~3600 and ~4600 and not having to stir the gearbox all the
Clive Liddell
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
'96 R850R ~77kkm
'01 R1100RT ~57kkm

> I'm on my 6th bike sine 1983, but my first BMW (R1100S). HP is
> interesting, but tourque is most useful. HP makes for high top
> end speeds, but torque makes for acceleration. With most speed
> limits below 75 mph, most of my riding is done at reasonable
> speeds. Being able to pull cleanly out of corners, with torque,
> allows one to go fast in the twisties. A stable chassie helps a bunch
> As my mechanic told me, BMW has function over form. I like the
> function of torque.


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